Intercultural Forum

The city of Giengen has been characterized for many decades by immigration from different countries and cultures. Arriving and living in our urban community is enriching for all involved, but it can also be a challenge. Sometimes we just don’t know enough about each other and about the cultural diversity in our city.

We want to improve the coexistence of all people in Giengen, regardless of their origin, religious orientation and length of stay in Giengen. We want to get to know each other and learn from each other.

The Intercultural Forum Giengen is aimed in particular at migrants, migration associations, associations, groups and institutions working in the field of integration.

You can find the flyer here.

Dates please ask at:

Contact point for civic engagement
Andrea Schindler
Phone: 07322 / 952-2490


Treffpunkt Integration
Martina Kunze
Phone: 07322 / 9568-949